Bodybuilding and Its Pros and Cons

Just like with most of the things we do in life, there are two sides to them: the good and the bad. For example, although we get a wealth of information from the World Wide Web, we also find info and images there that can be abhorrent.

If you plan to get into bodybuilding to get all buffed up, you also have to know its advantages and disadvantages so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Remember that old age, ‘Look first before you leap.’ Another expression that expresses the same caveat is ‘forewarned is forearmed.’

Here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to bodybuilding:

The Pros

Learning discipline – If there’s one thing you’ll learn when you’re in a fitness program, it’s discipline. As it is with any other sport, you have to develop a commitment to your routine. When you know you have to be in the gym regularly to meet your goals, it instills that self-discipline for you to keep going and stick with your schedule.

Maintaining and improving your health – Ensuring our physical well-being entails optimum physical activity. Bodybuilding is a well-rounded fitness activity that requires one to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means staying away from unhealthy food, beverages, practices, and vices.

Boosting your self-esteem – When you look and feel healthy and physically fit, you also feel more confident. Those who feel good about themselves can easily improve their self-esteem compared to those who think they don’t look good enough (although looks don’t necessarily make a man).


The Cons

Potential muscle damage – There are those who can get overzealous and lift weights that are beyond their capacity and even outside of their program. Needless to say, doing something beyond our body’s capacity can be risky. Lifting too much and too often is inviting damage not only to our muscles, but even to our bones.

Danger of dehydration – When you do intense workouts, you also sweat excessively. When there’s too much water being dispelled instead of taken in, you increase your chance of getting dehydrated. Dehydration can cause your body to lose electrolytes and eventually lead to dizziness and even arrhythmias.

Taking too much protein – Protein is, without question, needed by anyone, even those who are not into bodybuilding. However, excess protein can actually put a lot of stress on your organs, especially on your kidneys. Just like with anything, take and do things in moderation and consume only the right amount for you.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of bodybuilding equips you with the info you need to avoid its harmful effects and just enjoy its many benefits (you can check this article to read more about bodybuilding).



The Shocking Truth about Cardiovascular Exercises


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No matter how we try to avoid it, cardiovascular exercises are important routines that should always be included in our work out routines. These exercises should always are included in our fitness plans.

Cardiovascular exercises are exercise routines that usually get the heart pumping and working extra. Cardio exercises promote the blood flow in the body. Cardiovascular exercises are believed to burn off extra calories in our body, the more you burn, the leaner your body gets and the more muscles you develop.

Fat loss in not the only thing that we can benefit from cardio exercises – there is more to it. Listed below are a few of them.

A Healthier Health

We often forget that our heart is a muscle. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. The less you pay attention on it, the weaker it will get in time. A weak heart will definitely bring a lot of complications and problems in the future.

In doing cardio exercises, be sure to start with the basic and improve gradually trough time. Avoid pushing yourself too much because this is not good for you heart. Start from the basic exercises and gradually introduce energy consuming ones as you improve.

Include bodybuilding supplements in your diet. Muscle pharm assault supplements are very advisable pre-workout supplements that will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Fires up Metabolism

We burn a lot of calories when we do cardio exercises. Calories are unused energy in the body which is in the form of fats. The faster and frequently we burn fats in the body, the better our metabolism will be. The more intense your exercises are the more intense and fired-up your metabolic rate will be. With these, weight loss and building muscle is pretty much enhanced.

Improved Hormonal Profile

Doing cardio exercises is like drinking the happy pill. You feel better and more confident about yourself. You also tend to walk away from the symptoms of depression and stress. People who regularly do cardiovascular exercises tend to have a more positive outlook in life compared to those who do not frequently do it.

Improved Recovery Ability

Cardiovascular exercises that are lower in intensity help you recover faster. Doing the treadmill or a few minutes in the stationary bike will help you fasten your body’s capability to repair itself after a rigorous work out activity. It also reduces the delayed onset of muscles soreness in the body. Fresh oxygen is also being transferred in the body making the recovery process even faster.

Cardiovascular exercises are not just regular going to exercise to lose fats and to build a stronger heart. There is more to cardio exercises than you could ever imagine.

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What are Protein Shakes Good For?

muscleWhen trying to lose weight, you start with the basics. You observe a proper and healthy diet. You exercise. From there you can go two ways. If you just want to lose weight, then you may want to focus more on the dieting part. If you want to achieve a certain physique, then you may want to focus on the exercising part. With exercise, you can just achieve a desired shape, or you can build muscles.

Results in building muscles don’t come as fast as just losing weight, however. For the most efficient results, you’re going to need to add a few things to your workout, such as dietary supplements.

There are two types of supplements. There are those that make you lose your appetite while supplying you with nutrients you’re missing from eating less. There are also those that contribute to weight gain, such as protein shakes, which are used more for bodybuilding.

Before, protein shakes were used only by athletes and were most effective when paired with an athlete’s workout regimen. Today, protein shakes are no longer exclusive to athletes, and people started throwing in various other ingredients so as act more like meal replacers.

Protein shakes are supplemental drinks that help in building mass. These drinks contain high amounts of protein, as well as other ingredients, that help build muscle. Since protein builds muscle, the drink has become synonymous with bodybuilding. They provide the necessary protein that you otherwise get from meat minus the fat. Protein shakes are typically consumed after working out.

There are different types of protein shakes. Most of them are flavorless and are best mixed with milk. You can also create your own shake. There are a lot of recipes for homemade protein shakes that you can find online. Most of them involve the usual protein powder and adding flavorings, fruits, and whatnot. Make sure to have done your research before buying any workout supplement.

While some shakes act as meal replacements, intake of such drinks are not advisable if you don’t exercise at all. Without exercise, protein shakes will only make you gain weight and have a body type totally opposite of what you aimed for with the supplemental drinks.

Protein powders are not usually cheap, but if you spend time doing your research, you may just bump into a good choice. There are various online stores you can purchase them.You can buy protein shakes at NutritionWarehouse.