Diet, Exercise, Supplementation: Your Holistic Workout Program


Losing weight is as much of a challenge as to maintaining the weight loss. That being said, a healthy physique involves the ideal body-mass index for your height, weight, and age. If the road to weight loss seems like an uphill battle, then you’re probably missing out on the perks of enjoying the journey. It’s true the difficulty is in the beginning of the program, when you’re off to a slow start in your exercise program. Taking on a revamped diet is also painful at the beginning; whoever said that a healthy diet involves something as stale and mediocre as broccoli sprouts and steamed, skinned chicken? Pain comes before the gain, though, and the results of your effort will surely pay off in the long run.

Rolling off to a Slow Start

The first thing you have to realize: it gets better in a matter of weeks, but there’s the risk of a plateau when your progress rolls on ever so slowly, even coming to a full halt. The best results are evident on the first few weeks of the program, when you have a lot to lose in terms of excess pounds and fat. Once you’re trimmed and toned down to the lean muscle, you’ll have fewer pounds to shed and muscles to sculpt. This is where the difficulty lies, when you have to tighten the areas previously filled with flab and fat. You’ll have to step up your workout program, in intensity and duration.

Reward Cravings but Don’t Indulge

You’ll be tempted to compensate for the exhaustion by giving in to the cravings. By all means, don’t. You’ll defeat the purpose of your workout program. Pour out your frustration on the six small meals of your day. It’s okay, even beneficial to reward yourself with a candy bar, a slice of cake, a slab of steak from time to time. Positive reinforcement goes a long way so long as you know your limits and don’t indulge. Savor your meal for all its worth, and with small meals as part of your diet plan, you don’t have to wait too long for the next meal to come along.

Supplements Cover for Nutrition Gaps

You shouldn’t underestimate the potency of supplements, though. Supplements cover for gaps in your nutrition, sometimes nutrients unavailable in wholesome food. You can check out the best creatine supplement in, if you’re in need of nutrients to compensate for an intense workout program. Diet and exercise play crucial roles in your progress, and supplementation completes a holistic and efficient workout.