The Shocking Truth about Cardiovascular Exercises


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No matter how we try to avoid it, cardiovascular exercises are important routines that should always be included in our work out routines. These exercises should always are included in our fitness plans.

Cardiovascular exercises are exercise routines that usually get the heart pumping and working extra. Cardio exercises promote the blood flow in the body. Cardiovascular exercises are believed to burn off extra calories in our body, the more you burn, the leaner your body gets and the more muscles you develop.

Fat loss in not the only thing that we can benefit from cardio exercises – there is more to it. Listed below are a few of them.

A Healthier Health

We often forget that our heart is a muscle. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. The less you pay attention on it, the weaker it will get in time. A weak heart will definitely bring a lot of complications and problems in the future.

In doing cardio exercises, be sure to start with the basic and improve gradually trough time. Avoid pushing yourself too much because this is not good for you heart. Start from the basic exercises and gradually introduce energy consuming ones as you improve.

Include bodybuilding supplements in your diet. Muscle pharm assault supplements are very advisable pre-workout supplements that will help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Fires up Metabolism

We burn a lot of calories when we do cardio exercises. Calories are unused energy in the body which is in the form of fats. The faster and frequently we burn fats in the body, the better our metabolism will be. The more intense your exercises are the more intense and fired-up your metabolic rate will be. With these, weight loss and building muscle is pretty much enhanced.

Improved Hormonal Profile

Doing cardio exercises is like drinking the happy pill. You feel better and more confident about yourself. You also tend to walk away from the symptoms of depression and stress. People who regularly do cardiovascular exercises tend to have a more positive outlook in life compared to those who do not frequently do it.

Improved Recovery Ability

Cardiovascular exercises that are lower in intensity help you recover faster. Doing the treadmill or a few minutes in the stationary bike will help you fasten your body’s capability to repair itself after a rigorous work out activity. It also reduces the delayed onset of muscles soreness in the body. Fresh oxygen is also being transferred in the body making the recovery process even faster.

Cardiovascular exercises are not just regular going to exercise to lose fats and to build a stronger heart. There is more to cardio exercises than you could ever imagine.

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Misconceptions About The Healthier Lifestyle

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With all the really tasty junk food we have today, it’s difficult to go for a healthier lifestyle. It’s made even more difficult due to the fact that we’re all extremely busy. There’s no more time to go to the gym as some of us work after hours. After a stressful day, we simply just want to crash on our soft beds. And if working out and watching what you eat is hard enough for some, add to that the science behind each type of exercise. Targeting the abs, for one, has a lot of science behind it for the best results.

For the uninitiated, there are a lot of misconceptions. Perhaps one of the most common ones is that dieting means eating less. While this is true to some extent, it doesn’t mean you have to eat so little portions that makes your meals look like you’re in a gourmet restaurant. Dieting is a matter of regulating your carb intake, and getting more nutrients from your vegetables. If you really think about it, vegans have it nice. They can eat as much as they want and they’re still healthy.

Another popular misconception is that the more workouts you do, the better. It’s both true and false. It is true in a sense that more repetitions in your exercises can do wonders. It’s false in a sense that doing too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. By doing your workouts, you’re tearing your muscles. By overdoing your workouts, you’re not allowing them to heal up and this puts you at risk for a more permanent damage.

It’s the same with supplements. Protein powders give supplementary protein to help muscle recovery and development, but drinking them too liberally without regard for when to take them will make you big, but not fit.

It’s important that you understand that these supplements won’t work at all without the exercise. Taking from the protein powder example, you have to do your workout to shape your muscles. Protein powder is like clay and exercise is the molding process. To make the most of it, you have to mold your muscles through exercise.

This brings us to the supplements misconception: that they’re necessary. You can get in shape without them. Supplements merely provide a boost to your repetitions. You can always do workouts without doing any creatine bodybuilding and still get the same result. It will take longer, but it’s going to be worth it.
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Possible Reasons You Still Don’t Have a Six-Pack

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Keeping yourself physically fit has a lot of accompanying benefits. For one, you get to be healthier, as you can’t really get fit without a healthy lifestyle. By being healthy, you become less prone to physical ailments. Being overweight or underweight can lead to infertility, for instance. At any rate, you may notice that when staying fit, it takes a lot longer to develop a flatter belly than with any other part of your body.

There are a lot of reasons for this. For one, the abs are one of the most difficult muscles to target. Each body part, whether the legs or arms or abs, often come with two or three exercises at the minimum to target them. The exercises involving the abs, however, aren’t complemented with our more mundane activities. For instance, lifting weights in the gym can be complemented by carrying heavy groceries. Leg exercises in the gym are complemented by taking the stairs at work. With abs, there isn’t a lot of methods outside the gym.

If you take supplements, know that while they may help you burn extra calories and develop your muscles faster, they don’t burn calories by themselves. Also, most supplements give you energy and muscle development and repair anyway. They usually don’t work on abs.

You may also want to know how the supplements you use work. For instance, creatine supplements give you a lot of water weight for extra strength and more reps at the gym. While it may help you develop your biceps and do more sit-ups, they may also make your belly look a lot bigger due to water weight.

Another possible reason for your abs to not quite look the way you want it to is because you have unrealistic expectations. You may see abs from TV or movies, but yours will never look like that. This isn’t to say you’ll never have a six-pack. Your abs will have their own look once they start to surface. And if you think not everyone has abs, think again. Everybody does. They’re just hidden beneath layers of belly fat, which, again, are extremely hard and time-consuming to get rid of.

Finally, you may be doing a lot of crunches and sit-ups and other really good ab workouts, but they won’t really do any good if you’re not following proper diet and nutrition. Remember, abs are hidden beneath fat layers in the stomach. Unless they are gone, your abs won’t really show. So only by combining exercise and dieting will help you get a six-pack. Don’t worry, though, it really takes a long time to develop the abs so just keep at it so you’ll need to be determined.

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Weight and Fertility: Are They Connected?

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Being a parent and having babies is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Feeling the warmth of a new life you have brought into this world in your arms brings an unexplainable joy in our hearts. Seeing this bundle of joy grows and enjoys life with you; his parents are just a wonderful journey every parent would love to experience.

Unfortunately, not all couples are given the opportunity to have children. Some are just too busy with their work and profession making them pre-occupied with other things instead of building their family. Some couples on the other hand face health problems or risks that deprive them from getting children. Being overweight or underweight is one of the common reasons why some couples are incapable of conceiving a child.

Weight and Fertility

Is there a connection between weight and the fertility in both men and women? It definitely has. Men who are overweight experience infertility while women, whether underweight or overweight experience infertility as well. The additional weight or the lack of it causes the reproductive organs to function below or above what is normal. Weight really has a big impact in fertility.

Women are the most affected when it comes to weight and fertility issues combined. The increase or decrease in weight often affects the menstrual period. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle can really lead to infertility problems. The production of estrogen in the bodies of women is also affected by the extra fats in the body. Hormonal imbalance can also be attributed to changes in weight.

Men, on the other hand, produce low sperm counts when they have a lot of excess weight. The excess fats around their reproductive organs causing the temperature around this area increase. As the temperature increase, the quality of the sperm cells produced is lowered and some are even killed in the process. There are more related information about weight and fertility available online and in health journals.

Losing weight is really necessary and keeping the body healthy is a must before planning to have children. Here are some simple tips a couple can follow.

1. Get professional help

Ask for a professional advice from your doctor. Talk about your plans on having a baby and let him advice you on how you can safely lose weight with conceiving a baby in mind. You can also ask him about supplements that can help you achieve your ideal weight like d-fine8, protein whey, creatine and other available dietary supplements in the market.

2. Schedule working out together.

Having a “buddy”, whom you can get moral support from while working out will make your weight loss journey a fun activity. Since the both of you are working towards common goals, you will push each other to do more and really excel effort to achieve your goals.

3. Keep each other motivated.

Losing weight most of the time can be frustrating. Tell your partner about your worries and struggles during this period. Talk about the things both of you can achieve if you manage to surpass the challenges that you would be facing during the shaping up chapters in your life. Always support each other’s back.

4.  Have time for relaxation.

Do not pressure yourselves too much. Enjoy and relax from time to time. Stress is also one of the big factors that could affect your fertility so you should also try to stay away from it.

5. Plan ahead and monitor your progress.

To become really successful with your plans in losing weight, device a plan both of you can follow. Create a healthy new menu for your household, include work-out sessions in your daily schedule and try to get into a new sport. Having a plan and following this plan will also help you measure your progress.

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Tired of Being the Cute and Chubby One


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Sharing here an article of one of my female friends:

I really do not understand how our society sees beauty nowadays. People are tied to the idea that being skinny, fair-skinned, tall and lean is what beauty is all about. Nothing racist about this but two decades ago, being beautiful and adorable to the eyes of people meant having big curves below and above the waistline.

I could not help but feel for most of my female friends. Sometimes I really do wish to go back in time and actually make them experience how it feels like to be looked at with adoration by people. Sadly, we belong to this generation; a generation where being lean and not going beyond the 120 pounds mark for women is equivalent to being beautiful.

Come to think of it twenty years ago, no one knew that those extra curves could lead to a lot of different diseases. Kidney and liver complications, high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack are just some of the scary few. If being thin, skinny and lean would save me from these diseases, I guess I am left to no choice but to give up these beautiful curves of mine.

The food we eat nowadays is also way different than what we ate back then. Everything seems to contain a lot of sugar, salt and grease. We are also not getting the same amount of vitamins and minerals that we used to get from the produce that we eat because of the new methods and chemicals that are now being used in producing our food.

This made me realize that the society has already matured throughout the ages and they do not simply see lean and skinny people as aesthetically beautiful beings. Being lean and thin nowadays is almost equal to being healthy, something that is also equivalent to having a happy and a long life.

So yes, I can say that I am tired of being the cute and chubby one. I want to be healthy. Becoming beautiful to the eyes of the society will simply follow.

Losing weight is not an easy task for me to do. Eating is such an enticing hobby so breaking up with this habit is just as hard as reaching the top of Mt. Everest. Good thing I introduced my friend to fat loss supplements. Some people are still doubtful on the effects these medications may bring. In my case, I have nothing to be scared of these medications anymore. Most of the supplements we have nowadays have undergone rigorous testing and has already passed different tests and standards.

Instead of going under the knife, I see these supplements as a better, affordable and safer option when it comes to achieving the figure and body type that I want. I could also easily browse more information about fat loss supplements at NutritionWarehouse when I have questions and inquiries about the supplements that I take.

Of course, I told her to still try to include a healthy diet and plenty of exercise in her daily routine to help me achieve my target weight. But who knew that losing weight could be this easy? I should have pushed her to decide to lose weight a long time ago if I only knew that dancing and other different fun activities can help me her get the body that she want. Well, I guess she was just so busy sulking about how she look and how people sees her. Now that she values herself and her health more than she did before, I know that people will soon see the beauty that is in her.

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Feeling Wimpy? Build Muscles


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As a teenager, I never really experienced being part of the popular group. I was sickly, loved staying home and did not really enjoy being with people. Some people even saw me as a wimp. It was not a big deal for me but things had to change when I went to college. I have to get a job and study at the same time. Unfortunately my body did not look like I could manage to work and study at the same time.

Feelings towards the opposite sex have also started to occupy my life. I know that with true love, someone who would like me for who I am and not for what I look like. But as my first two semesters in college passed, I know I could not fool myself anymore. I had to do something to improve the way that I look, feel and probably see life.

Improving one’s self is a decision that comes into your life. It is not affected by what people say or may think of. When you start to feel the need to change and improve, you will, no ifs and buts, you just simply do. There is no turning back.

Starting is the most difficult part in changing, but once you have managed to take the leap, you find yourself having the trouble of stopping. In my case, it was easy for me to start I had friends that supported me and helped me in my journey towards change.

Being healthy and looking better physically is the first thing I had in mind. Being a geek myself, it was very easy for me to check on the latest innovations and medical help I can get to achieve the built that I want to have. I immediately bought protein powder online to include the supplement in my diet. Within two months, I saw the changes. My muscles started to get bigger, my weight started to improve and the most important thing is that I felt better about myself. I still go over Nutrition Warehouse’s website to read information and see testimonials of people who are experiencing the same thing like I do. Now I can say that I feel better towards myself and I have already started meeting friends.

The wimp in me is still there, I still sometimes feel inferior over the people that I meet at school and at work, but my confidence is slowly getting up there, and one day, I see myself as a happy, confident and a real man.

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The Truth About Acai Berries

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Access to the internet is one of the best things that happened to the masses. You can get any information you want for free, shop using just a few clicks, and even communicate with loved ones overseas. However, it is a double-edged sword. The free information you get is often laden with fiction, and this has led people to develop trust issues. One such case in point is the acai berry, which has become a subject of controversy a few years ago, and has recently resurfaced.

What is the acai berry?

Acai berries are fruits of acai palm, a species of palm tree found in South America. These berries are popularly turned into drinks, and are considered to be a good antioxidant.

While the acai berry powder has legitimate benefits, a few people from half a decade ago decided to blow these benefits out of proportion. Blogs popped up describing acai berries as the new miracle food that helps in losing weight. Stories arose where acai berries became a super food, having a wide range of benefits including but not limited to penile enlargement and cancer prevention. Theoretically, if acai berry was rich in vitamin A, which improves eye health, advertisers would claim that acai berry cures cataracts.

Acai product manufacturers even went so far as to use popular celebrities such as Oprah as supposedly endorsing their product. The problem is that most celebrities did not know or agree to any of these. These celebrities eventually found out and sued these manufacturers for false advertising in 2009. The FDA also cracked down on acai berry manufacturers for the same grounds.

So what really is the acai berry?

The biggest lie about acai berries is that they promote weight loss. While they are popular in South America as a beverage, they were never advertised as a weight loss supplement. Does this mean that the acai berry is void of the benefits? No.

Acai berries have benefits the same way protein shakes are beneficial in muscle building. As you may already know, protein powder gives bodybuilders a boost in protein. This protein gives them more energy for more intense workouts. It doesn’t magically give them massive biceps. This is the same way with acai berries. These products are rich in fiber, which means a healthier digestive system. They are also good antioxidants, which keeps your immune system functioning properly. There’s really nothing magical about acai berries, and it’s refreshing to see it on the shelves sans the wild claims that came with it several years ago.

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Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know


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The world has become accustomed to food feasts. We love what is served on our table, as long as they are visually appealing and taste great – never mind what it does to our body. Many times, we know those burgers don’t come close to giving us health benefits as much as they satisfy, but we take a bite anyway. Needless to say, we try to embrace a balanced diet but, try as they might, still end up gobbling up the same less nutritious, more delectable food that keep satisfying our appetite.

 We are fixated on the idea that we can replenish our body with the nutrients found in pills and supplements. We have this belief that if we do not have a balanced diet, nutritional supplements can fill this gap. These nutritional products are known to give us our health an extra boost and can strengthen our immunity against diseases. While this may be true, it is important to pay attention to getting those nutrients the right way.

 When you select and use your supplements, be sure to do your research. There are countless dietary products out there, and it pays to be able to get the specific type of nutrient you need. Know more about the calcium tablet, vitamin pill, iron soft gel or protein powder that is deemed fit for your nutritional deficiency.

 Check the product label. Read through each of the information provided in the supplement’s package. Find out the ingredients and the amount of nutrients that correspond to each recommended serving. This is important because you can’t get the ideal results unless you take the necessary limits for you. Generally, you should not take supplements in megadoses.

Remember that your multivitamins can lose their potency over time, so take note of expiration dates. When they are expired, throw them away. Also, pay attention to storage requirements. Avoid storing them in places that are too cold or too humid. Otherwise, the product will lose its effectiveness.


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If you think your supplements can take the place of good old nutrition through food intake, think again. These dietary products are intended to aid your body in absorbing the specific nutrients you lack. However, you still need to eat well, and never take whole grain, meat, fruits, vegetables and water for granted.

Do not be too confident about getting the same dietary product. Health regulations keep certain supplements under constant review or further study, particularly those that have been found to be less effective or offer adverse effects. Stay informed by checking out supplement updates from government-regulated websites or by talking to your health provider.

When to Take Protein Shakes

There’s no questioning the importance of drinking protein shake for those who are into intense workouts. Truth is, the question for many is when to drink it: before or after working out?

Breaking down the facts about protein

Before we can answer the question above on what the right time to drink protein is, let’s lay down the facts first about protein powders and their benefits.

First off, protein is used for the production of muscles. It’s also used to manufacture enzymes, hormones, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and components for the immune system. When our bodies don’t have sufficient protein, putting together structures that make up every cell, tissue, or organ won’t be possible. Our bodies also cannot produce the biochemical substances that are necessary for important things like cardiovascular function, growth, muscle contraction, as well as healing.


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Before or after workout?

This has been a longstanding issue among those who perform intense routines in the gym, especially those who are into bodybuilding. There are those who believe that it’s better to drink protein shakes before getting into strenuous exercises, while there are those who advocate drinking them when they’re done with their workout.

Truth be told, there’s no right or wrong in this debate. Drinking protein before or after working out is both fine. But if you really want to get the full benefits of the protein shake you’re taking, it’s better to gulp it down prior to sweating it out in the gym.  This is because pre-workout protein, specifically BCAAs or branched chain amino acids, will help fuel your muscles while you’re performing your routines. BCAAs don’t need to be processed by our liver. After they’re absorbed, they go directly to our blood stream, which are then picked up by our muscles.

Another advantage of taking protein before working out is the fact that it starts protein synthesis during the session instead of after it. Furthermore, you also burn more calories if you consume it before getting started with your training. There’s a study that found that a scoop of whey protein prior to training increased calorie-burning over the next 24 hours.

There’s also the ‘carryover’ effect of pre-workout protein-drinking as far as nutrients are concerned. Once you’ve taken protein, muscle protein synthesis levels remain high for as long as 3 hours. Now that’s a twin benefit right there: enjoying the benefits of elevated blood amino acids and carryover of elevated blood amino acid levels even after you’re done pumping iron.

Whether you take it before or after your gym sessions, there’s no doubt you’ll reap tons of benefits by taking protein as supplement (know about protein powder and the benefits of doing pre-workouts).