Running Versus Full-Body Workout: Which is More Efficient in Burning Fat?

When it comes to fat-loss programs, most people understand how important cardiovascular training is, and often they include running into their routines. Running is one of the best exercises for fat loss, no doubt, and I myself have developed a habit of running at least an hour each day before going to work. If you’re planning to see faster and better results, however, you shouldn’t ignore full-body workouts. Of course, how efficient each of these two routines are will totally depend on your goal. If you wish to simply improve your cardiovascular health, running should be enough for you. If you wish to have a well-developed frame, though, adding a full-body workout into the equation is what you need to do.

Photo Credit: See Ming Lee (

Photo Credit: See Ming Lee (

Running Vs. Full-Body Workout

In Terms of Calories Burned

How much calories you burn is the most important thing when you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight. In order to lose fat, you should be able to burn more calories than you take in. Depending on your weight, you will be able to lose up to 266 calories by lifting weights vigorously for 30 minutes. In comparison, running for 30 minutes at a speed of 5mph will let you lose up to 355 calories. In this case, running has the upper hand in terms of amount of calories burned.

In Terms of Metabolism

In terms of impact to your metabolism, lifting weights offers more benefits than running. Running improves your cardiovascular health and lets you lose more calories than lifting weights, but when you talk about long-term effects, lifting weights has the advantage. The reason is that weight training revs up your metabolism better, which in turn increases the rate at which your body burns calories. What’s even more interesting is that intensive weight training gets your metabolism going for days, letting your body shed calories even while you’re resting.

In Terms of Muscles Developed

In terms of muscles worked, it’s obvious that a full-body workout lets you work more muscles than running. The thing is, the more muscles you work at the same time, the more fat you are burning and the quicker the results you get. Running, on the other hand, simply improves your lower body and does not result much in muscle growth, which is a primary factor in burning bodily fat.

Your Move

To conclude, a full-body workout lets you burn more calories than running and the results are for long term. The best move you can make, however, is to combine the two to get the best results. This is especially true if you wish to spend more time on growing your muscles, without having to let go of your passion for running. A good move would be to sign up for a full-body workout program that allows you to add in two runs per week at the same time.

Meanwhile, you might also want to invest in workout supplements such as muscle pharm assault. Taking supplements is not really necessary if you wish to grow muscles, but if you desire to grow your muscles to their maximum potential, there’s no other way than to invest in high-quality supplements.


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