When To Use Protein Powders

Photo Credit: DianesDigitals (flickr.com)

Photo Credit: DianesDigitals (flickr.com)


With the world going by anything and everything that is quick, easy and convenient, it’s no surprise that even eating can be done on the run, particularly when you lead a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to sit down to a proper meal.

While there is no doubt that a proper meal is the best way to lose weight effectively, choosing healthy meal replacements is a good substitute as long as you only do it once in a while. Not only should the meal replacement you choose be nutritious, it should also be able to fill you up because the last thing you want is experience hunger pangs so intense that you overeat when you are finally able to have your meal.

Among the many substitutes we consider good meal replacements include protein powders and bars. Protein powders usually come in various forms, the most common of which are whey, soy and casein protein. Protein powders also come in varying prices but depending on how much you need it, cost usually doesn’t matter especially if you’re a casual athlete who doesn’t have a specific need for it.

Protein powder supplements are usually taken both by athletes and those trying to lose weight in order to make up for the gap left behind by the calorie-restricted diets they go on. Protein as you know, are an important part of your bones, muscles and skin and they are in fact, in every living cell of your body. They help break down food for energy, build muscles and break down toxins.

In very specific situations, however, protein powders are useful as they are a quick and convenience source of protein. They are useful for growing teens because their bodies require much more protein than adults, when you’re starting a workout program and trying to build muscle and also when you’re amping your workouts. Protein powders are also useful when you’re healing from a sports injury as they repair and build the muscles that have been damaged and if you’re going to pursue a vegan lifestyle because it will fill the protein gap that will be left behind by your calorie-restricted diet.

If you need to know more about how much protein powders you should take, you need to calculate your protein intake. You also know that you’ll need protein powders because you’re feeling unusually fatigued, weak when lifting weights or doing strenuous activities that usually don’t make you tired at any other day. You will also need to ignore the usual myths you hear about taking protein powders like the one about taking them before your workout only. The truth is you need to take your protein powders before, during and after a workout because this will prep your body for the workout, sustain it during the workout and help your muscles recover after a workout.

So when do you actually have to use protein powders? Throughout the day as meal replacements but not in the immediate time period surrounding your workouts. And is their purported effectiveness? As sports nutritionists always say, the protein powder smoothie is always effective especially when coupled with a good diet and exercise regimen.


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