Tired of Being the Cute and Chubby One


Photo credit:  Alan Cleaver (flickr.com)

Sharing here an article of one of my female friends:

I really do not understand how our society sees beauty nowadays. People are tied to the idea that being skinny, fair-skinned, tall and lean is what beauty is all about. Nothing racist about this but two decades ago, being beautiful and adorable to the eyes of people meant having big curves below and above the waistline.

I could not help but feel for most of my female friends. Sometimes I really do wish to go back in time and actually make them experience how it feels like to be looked at with adoration by people. Sadly, we belong to this generation; a generation where being lean and not going beyond the 120 pounds mark for women is equivalent to being beautiful.

Come to think of it twenty years ago, no one knew that those extra curves could lead to a lot of different diseases. Kidney and liver complications, high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack are just some of the scary few. If being thin, skinny and lean would save me from these diseases, I guess I am left to no choice but to give up these beautiful curves of mine.

The food we eat nowadays is also way different than what we ate back then. Everything seems to contain a lot of sugar, salt and grease. We are also not getting the same amount of vitamins and minerals that we used to get from the produce that we eat because of the new methods and chemicals that are now being used in producing our food.

This made me realize that the society has already matured throughout the ages and they do not simply see lean and skinny people as aesthetically beautiful beings. Being lean and thin nowadays is almost equal to being healthy, something that is also equivalent to having a happy and a long life.

So yes, I can say that I am tired of being the cute and chubby one. I want to be healthy. Becoming beautiful to the eyes of the society will simply follow.

Losing weight is not an easy task for me to do. Eating is such an enticing hobby so breaking up with this habit is just as hard as reaching the top of Mt. Everest. Good thing I introduced my friend to fat loss supplements. Some people are still doubtful on the effects these medications may bring. In my case, I have nothing to be scared of these medications anymore. Most of the supplements we have nowadays have undergone rigorous testing and has already passed different tests and standards.

Instead of going under the knife, I see these supplements as a better, affordable and safer option when it comes to achieving the figure and body type that I want. I could also easily browse more information about fat loss supplements at NutritionWarehouse when I have questions and inquiries about the supplements that I take.

Of course, I told her to still try to include a healthy diet and plenty of exercise in her daily routine to help me achieve my target weight. But who knew that losing weight could be this easy? I should have pushed her to decide to lose weight a long time ago if I only knew that dancing and other different fun activities can help me her get the body that she want. Well, I guess she was just so busy sulking about how she look and how people sees her. Now that she values herself and her health more than she did before, I know that people will soon see the beauty that is in her.

Resource Link:

Healthy Weight Loss, Doable and Efficient (ezinearticles.com)

7 Tips to Avoid Looking like a Newbie at the Gym (acefitness.org)



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