The Truth About Acai Berries

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Access to the internet is one of the best things that happened to the masses. You can get any information you want for free, shop using just a few clicks, and even communicate with loved ones overseas. However, it is a double-edged sword. The free information you get is often laden with fiction, and this has led people to develop trust issues. One such case in point is the acai berry, which has become a subject of controversy a few years ago, and has recently resurfaced.

What is the acai berry?

Acai berries are fruits of acai palm, a species of palm tree found in South America. These berries are popularly turned into drinks, and are considered to be a good antioxidant.

While the acai berry powder has legitimate benefits, a few people from half a decade ago decided to blow these benefits out of proportion. Blogs popped up describing acai berries as the new miracle food that helps in losing weight. Stories arose where acai berries became a super food, having a wide range of benefits including but not limited to penile enlargement and cancer prevention. Theoretically, if acai berry was rich in vitamin A, which improves eye health, advertisers would claim that acai berry cures cataracts.

Acai product manufacturers even went so far as to use popular celebrities such as Oprah as supposedly endorsing their product. The problem is that most celebrities did not know or agree to any of these. These celebrities eventually found out and sued these manufacturers for false advertising in 2009. The FDA also cracked down on acai berry manufacturers for the same grounds.

So what really is the acai berry?

The biggest lie about acai berries is that they promote weight loss. While they are popular in South America as a beverage, they were never advertised as a weight loss supplement. Does this mean that the acai berry is void of the benefits? No.

Acai berries have benefits the same way protein shakes are beneficial in muscle building. As you may already know, protein powder gives bodybuilders a boost in protein. This protein gives them more energy for more intense workouts. It doesn’t magically give them massive biceps. This is the same way with acai berries. These products are rich in fiber, which means a healthier digestive system. They are also good antioxidants, which keeps your immune system functioning properly. There’s really nothing magical about acai berries, and it’s refreshing to see it on the shelves sans the wild claims that came with it several years ago.

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